Inspired by “đậu hũ nước đường”, a childhood treat of generations of Vietnamese, our Chef wants to bring that childhood flavor to the table in the reimagined version at Nén Restaurant: Silken tofu panna cotta with ginger ice cream and ginger syrup.

This incarnation of the favorite snack of old is light and elegant just like the smooth tofu on the plate. One spoonful of soft house-made ginger ice cream brings a constant cooling sensation, and at the same time, a surprise wave of heat from the underlying spicy ginger note. Then comes the tofu panna cotta while the ice cream is still in your mouth, which adds a soothing, balancing layer of creaminess underneath the ice and fire. The balance, the “Ying and Yang” philosophy of Viet cuisine is vividly represented in such a simple yet beautiful dessert.