Fermented sea urchin sauce used to be an extremely premium product that was served to the Emperors of the Nguyen dynasty. Nowadays, it is disappearing due to its scarcity, high cost and meticulous fermentation process.

After a painstaking journey scouting for this sauce along the Central coast, our Chef finally managed to locate and learn the recipe of this elusive sauce in a secluded beach village in the outskirts of Quang Ngai province, 145km south of Da Nang. The sauce itself has an extremely rich taste and smell of the ocean. In that village, the local people simply use it as a dipping sauce for boiled pork or fried egg.

It took our Chef months of brainstorming and developing a recipe that best utilizes this amazing sauce. A dish that allows it to shine on its own. This is by far one of her most challenging tasks as the sauce is so intense that a matter of a drop can make a big difference.

You can try the finished dish as a part of our 8-course “Journey” tasting menu at Nen Restaurant.