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Where our produce are sourced

Herbs & Flowers

Fresh herbs is one of the most important aspects of Vietnamese cuisine.

At Nén, we go the extra mile and grow them organically on 3 of our rooftop gardens where they are harvested daily to ensure the freshest herbs and edible flowers on the final plates.

Fish sauce

Fish sauce is the soul of Viet cuisine.

We choose to source this incredible important ingredient from Nam O, a small village by Danang Bay, which was known for hundreds of years for its fishing and trading activities, along with their famous fish sauce. From the 18th century, this village also became famous for its large fire cracker industry, which emerged from the Civil War in Vietnam during the late Le dynasty. However, when the manufacturing and trading of firecracker became illegal in Vietnam due to safety problems, Nam O is now only known as the village of fish sauce. (Full blog by our Chef)

Left photo: Our Chef with a traditional fish sauce filtering method

Right photo: Traditional fish sauce fermenting urns 


Danang boasts a long coastline and is famous for its fresh abundant seafood. All of our seafood are hand-picked directly from the fishermen everyday.


Fermented products

Fermentation is one of Vietnamese’s strong suits.

Our team is proud of our own range of pickles, chili sauce, chili satay, fermented sauces, liquors, etc.


Our duck, chicken and other meat are free range and collected from reputable farms in Da Nang. By maintaining a close relationship with these farms, we can procure premium cuts that are normally not available for purchase on their own such as duck breast and oxtail.