Nén was founded and run by husband and wife Summer and Leon Le. The two passionate foodies met each other way back in high school and immediately bonded over Danang’s vibrant street food.

After half a decade pursuing their bachelors and masters degrees in Japan and Australia together, in 2011 they decided to return to and build their career in their beloved hometown Danang – an emerging city that has so much to offer, especially in the food arena.

Consciously Vietnamese

More than just food, at Nén we celebrate human labors and local knowledge. Above 95% of our ingredients are local and come from three main sources: (1) homegrown in our own farms and gardens, (2) reputable local farms and suppliers and (3) discovered across the country by our foraging team.

We understand that sustainable development is the road to the future and there would be no good food without good ingredients, and there would be no good ingredients without the people who understand the ingredients. Traveling for days to catch one certain ingredient at its prime and bring back to Nén is not an uncommon thing for us.

This philosophy of local appreciation also extends to Nén’s personnels. Most of Nén’s staff come from very humble backgrounds, having their roots in more economically challenged towns across Vietnam. Nén strives to inspire our staff in terms of personal growth with the hope to showcase how unpolished gems can turn out to be with the correct approach, just like how their hometown’s humble produce are always meticulously highlighted in Nén’s kitchen. Leon and Summer believe in human potentials, the ability to become much more than what we are given as we cruise through life, and that belief starts right here, with the people working at Nén.