Sto:ry Menu

"Sto:ry Menu is our way of portraying Vietnamese cuisine, together with the cultural and historical values of this land. To me, a grain of rice carries its own story, as much as the farmers growing it. And I hope when you experience our Sto:ry Menu, you can see a bit of your own story in there."

Sto:ry Menu is a tasting menu woven with storytelling elements. Each Sto:ry Menu delivers a main concept supported by smaller stories – the courses in the menu – with a goal to promote kind thoughts and feelings.

The road so far:

Sto:ry Menu #0 - JOURNEY

Currently serving Mon – Wed at Nén Light Saigon, Mon – Sun at Nén Danang.

An ever-changing tasting menu served all year round with seasonal updates. Just like our journey discovering Vietnamese cuisine

Sto:ry Menu #1 - MEANT TO BEE

The story of how saving a beehive taught us the importance of bees as a species and our deep connection with the Vietnamese nature

Sto:ry Menu #2 - DEAR ARYA

The story of motherhood and Vietnamese family values

Sto:ry Menu #3 - LIGHT

The story of food’s ability to transcend borders and deliver emotions, just like “Light” and how Vietnamese find hope through difficult times

Sto:ry Menu #4 - ORIGINS - VỀ NHÀ

Inspired by Vietnam’s deep heritage, this menu is our attempt to answer the question: “Why do we need to understand our roots?”

Sto:ry Menu #5 - DAYS OF 22

Currently serving Thu – Sun at Nén Light Saigon.

A culinary diary of Chef Summer’s first steps into foreign realms, where each dish reflects the beauty of cultural encounters and a newfound appreciation for our Vietnamese roots.

Sto:ry Menu #6 - NHÌN

Our humble attempt to capture the awe-inspiring beauty of life itself, even if not fully understood. See – Listen – Touch – Smell – Taste – Presence, the six senses that lead us beyond.

What is Sto:ry Menu?

Chef Summer Le's Reflections

This is the series where Chef Summer Le unveils her insights and behind-the-scene stories about her culinary creations at Nén.