Sto:ry Menu #1: “Meant to Bee”

In our first iteration, Story Menu #1: “MEANT TO BEE”, we would like to tell the unique stories of the bees, one of the many beautiful gifts that Mother Nature has kindly given us.

This bee-themed 7-course tasting menu is a showcase of our creativity, technicality, and the belief that human beings are meant to be kind to ourselves and to everything around us.

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“I’m talking about the arriving of this new menu. A while back, just before the two devastating storms hit Danang, we tried rescuing a bee colony just by Nen’s place. It was no simple task for us so we had to ask a professional beekeeper to lend us a hand, and little did I know it was the process that helped open my eyes to the amazing world of the bees.

After that incident and tons of research later, I found out there are so many amazing ways to cook with bees. Besides honey, you can also utilize beeswax, bee pollen, bee larvae… to make delicious and amazing looking dishes. I felt compelled to tell the story of their magnificent life to the world by doing what I do best: engineering a menu that details the bee’s significance and highlights human’s relationship to nature. It feels natural, it feels right, and let’s hope I don’t mess it up!”

– Summer