Sto:ry Menu #3: “Light”

We love the word “Light”. So familiar yet mysterious. Deep but also weightless. It is the namesake of our restaurant and represents our quest: to shed a new light on Vietnamese cuisine.

A summer breeze

Freshly-picked herbs

The set of rings around a black hole

Those are all manifestations of “Light” when we think about it.
Introducing Sto:ry Menu#3: Light, a collection of ideas and stories on Vietnamese cuisine and ingredients by Executive Chef Summer Le, with “Light” as the central inspiration.

0. team nénriki presents
A brief introduction of our style and heritage.

1. Feather
“Light as a feather” – A play on airy texture.

2. City of Lights
A tribute to Saigon, the City of Lights.

3. Kaleidoscope
This dish is all about the layers. Just like life.

4. Shadow
The story of forgotten ideas.

5. Fall forward
Failing is part of the game. Fall beautifully!

6. Hope
“We are all broken. That’s how the light gets in”. – Ernest Hemmingway

7. Black hole
The story of a really personal memory.

8. Reflection
Calmness at the end.