Sto:ry Menu #5 – Days of 22

Sto:ry Menu #5 - DAYS OF 22 Official Logo

The age of 22 represents a remarkable chapter in our youth, when our awareness of emotions and experiences intensifies. It’s also the juncture where Chef Summer Le’s culinary passion ignites within her heart, throughout her years of living in Japan.

The 9 short sto:ries – the 9 combinations in this menu – elegantly blend hyper-local ingredients with the essence of the Japanese culture, through the lens of a Vietnamese. We hope that as you savor “Days of 22”, you, too, are taken to those cherished days of youth!

SM#5 Official Poster & Lineup


There’s always beauty in roughness. The raw prowess of a natural formation before being cut, chiseled, grinded, sharpened is starkly intrigued to the eyes of the beholder. Sto:ry Menu #5: Days of 22 is a trip to the past, to the days filled with passion and a sense of awe for life.

The logo is designed with the number 22 at the core, surrounded by layers of crystalized life force yet to be shaped, symbolizing the limitless potential of youth and a calming, accepting reminiscence as grownups. We present to you: the rough jewel.

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We present to you: the rough jewel.

Currently serving, Saturday – Sunday at Nén Light Saigon.