Sto:ry Menu #0 – Journey

Sto:ry Menu #0 - JOURNEY Official Logo

Before our concept menu had the name of “Sto:ry Menu”, it was “Journey”. Originally served in Nén Restaurant Danang from 2017 to 2020, “Journey” was our quest to discover Vietnam and its plethora of ingredients. An ever-changing tasting menu, reflecting the seasons and knowledge we earn along the way. Nén’s journey got disrupted in 2020, but now we’re on it again. As a result, we have been thinking of bringing it back.

The first Sto:ry of Nén.

The one before #1.

"Many of these will be available for another 2 months and then we have to wait another year to have them again. Fleeting gifts of time that make serving them so much more special."
SM#0 Official Poster & Menu Lineup - 2024 Summer Edition

“Journey” in many ways, is my diary, my research notes on the amazing flora and fauna of Vietnam. As seasons change, some ingredients will become unavailable while others come into bloom. “Journey” is intended to be a snapshot of Vietnam’s nature offerings, an ever-changing tasting menu, reflecting the passage of time and knowledge we earn along the way.”

– Summer

Sto:ry Menu #0 – JOURNEY Official Trailer Video

Currently serving Summer Edition at Nén Light Saigon.