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"Sto:ry Menu is our way of portraying Vietnamese cuisine, together with the cultural and historical values of this land. To me, a grain of rice carries its own story, as much as the farmers growing it. And I hope when you experience our Sto:ry Menu, you can see a bit of your own story in there."

Sto:ry Menu is a tasting menu woven with storytelling elements. Each Sto:ry Menu delivers a main concept supported by smaller stories – the courses in the menu – with a goal to promote kind thoughts and feelings.

The road so far:

What is Sto:ry Menu?


Conscious Cuisine – Ẩm thực Nhìn

As a passionate team of young Vietnamese, we take pride in our rich heritage, meticulously sourcing local ingredients, and curating a dining environment that fosters mindfulness and cultural appreciation.


A guide to Vietnam’s hyper-local ingredients

Nén Journal is an ambitious, long-term project that is meticulously designed to deepen our understanding and appreciation of Vietnam’s natural bounty. Each entry will be categorized into River, Mountain, Sea, and Sky, detailing the texture, aroma, flavor, and practical uses of each ingredient.

Chef Summer's Reflections

This is the series where Chef Summer Le unveils her insights and behind-the-scene stories about her culinary creations at Nén.

Sto:ry Menu #0 - Journey

Currently serving Mon – Fri at Nén Light Saigon

An ever-changing tasting menu served all year round with seasonal updates. Just like our journey discovering Vietnamese cuisine

Sto:ry Menu #1 - Meant to Bee

The story of how saving a beehive taught us the importance of bees as a species and our deep connection with the Vietnamese nature.

Sto:ry Menu #2 - Dear Arya

The story of motherhood and Vietnamese family values

Sto:ry Menu #3 - Light

The story of food’s ability to transcend borders and deliver emotions, just like “Light” and how Vietnamese find hope through difficult times

Sto:ry Menu #4 - Origins - Về nhà

Currently serving Mon – Sun at Nén Danang.

Inspired by Vietnam’s deep heritage, this menu is our attempt to answer the question: “Why do we need to understand our roots?”

Sto:ry Menu #5 - Days of 22

Currently serving Sat – Sun at Nén Light Saigon.

A culinary diary of Chef Summer’s first steps into foreign realms, where each dish reflects the beauty of cultural encounters and a newfound appreciation for our Vietnamese roots.

Sto:ry Menu #6 - Nhìn

Our humble attempt to capture the awe-inspiring beauty of life itself, even if not fully understood. See – Listen – Touch – Smell – Taste – Presence, the six senses that lead us beyond.