Sto:ry Menu #4 – Origins – Về nhà

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To us, home is Danang, where most of our team hail from, but home is also Vietnam, our country of birth.

Portraying Vietnam in a contemporary and respectful style has become the basis of this menu. That sent us on a quest, where we found a sacred tree, an ancient type of paper, and so many other beautiful things. But in all, we found home.

Sto:ry Menu #4: Origins – Về Nhà is the exploration of our own birthplace, to take a look at it, to feel it, to know where we belong. 9 ideas – 9 dishes in this menu are our love letters to the place we came from, and in tasting that, we hope you remember yours too.

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Sto:ry Menu #4 – ORIGINS – VỀ NHÀ Experience Video

Origins – Về Nhà is the first menu of ours to be in service for almost a year. Starting from a rather intimate question: “What is Home?”, the idea then shapeshifted into an experience that has the power to build relationships and connect hearts.

A whole lot of Vietnamese hyper-local ingredients were presented to the table and combined in a unique way: K’nia seeds, Red cornetfish, areca nuts, to name a few; together with all the cultural elements: start of a conversation, dó paper, balance, etc.; have helped SM#4 exude the unmistakable Vietnamese spirit while maintaining a modern dialogue with the experiencers.

Currently serving at Nén Danang.