Sto:ry Menu #4 – Origins – Về nhà

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It’s that time of the year and like everyone else, we think about home. To us, home is Danang, where most of our team hail from, but home is also Vietnam, our country of birth.

Portraying Vietnam in a contemporary and respectful style has become the basis of this menu. That sent us on a quest, where we found a sacred tree, an ancient type of paper, and so many other beautiful things. But in all, we found home.

Sto:ry Menu #4: Origins – Về Nhà is the exploration of our own birthplace, to take a look at it, to feel it, to know where we belong. 9 ideas – 9 dishes in this menu are our love letters to the place we came from, and in tasting that, we hope you remember yours too.

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Sto:ry Menu #4 – ORIGINS – VỀ NHÀ Experience Video

Origins – Về Nhà is the first menu of ours to be in service for almost a year. Starting from a rather intimate question: “What is Home?”, the idea then shapeshifted into an experience that has the power to build relationships and connect hearts.

A whole lot of Vietnamese hyper-local ingredients were presented to the table and combined in a unique way: K’nia seeds, Red cornetfish, areca nuts, to name a few; together with all the cultural elements: start of a conversation, dó paper, balance, etc.; have helped SM#4 exude the unmistakable Vietnamese spirit while maintaining a modern dialogue with the experiencers.