Nén Journal

A guide to Vietnam's hyper-local ingredients

/hyper-local/: relating to or focusing on matters concerning a small community or geographical area.

For the past 6 years, our culinary journey has been a quest to unearth the extraordinary beauty of Vietnam’s hyper-local ingredients. With each discovery, we’ve dug deeper into this land’s diverse flora and fauna. Often, we’ve found ourselves lost in a sea of information surrounding each unique ingredient.

Now, after having created hundreds of dishes, we believe it’s time to begin documenting these treasures with the aim of making a comprehensive database of Vietnamese hyper-local ingredients.

Nén Journal is an ambitious, long-term project that is meticulously designed to deepen our understanding and appreciation of Vietnam’s natural bounty. Each entry will be categorized into River, Mountain, Sea, and Sky, detailing the texture, aroma, flavor, and practical uses of each ingredient.

Gallery - Foraging Trips